A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hey ya! It's the harvest season for fruits again! Have fun collecting whatever falls on the ground but keep in mind that your goal is to collect as many seeds as you can in 1 minute~ 

Control the balance board to move the hole left, right, forward and backward. Be aware that some fruit might not have as many seeds as the others, so definitely needs some strategy to manage your time.  

⚠️ Safety warning: we recommend you practice with the balance board first and then move your attention to the game itself after you're familiar with the board. 


win.zip 58 MB
5tilt.ino 1 kB
mac.zip 67 MB

Install instructions

To play the game, you need to DIY a tangible control.

1. Download the Arduino code from the files

2. Check you Arduino port name, it's usually at the bottom right corner of your Arduino window 


3. Change line31 in the unity script "SerialController" into your Arduino port name

4. connect your Arduino board with open jumper tilt module(OJ- CG316)

5. stick the sensor onto the edge of your balance board. 

6. Stretch your body before you begin to avoid cramping.

Development log


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This is kind of cool to engage hardware and queering controller ideas into the game design. Can't wait to see your finally product. Also love the ideas of collecting fruits before they dropped into the hole.  That 3d lofi style reminds of fruit ninja.

Can't wait to try it! The DIY part is a good idea since more and more people choose to build up their own controller like Nintendo Labo. It would be great if you guys could have a prototype for the controller to demonstrate the ideal material for it or what shape it could be to let the audience have a better understanding to picture your game.

This game is so fun! I love the fact that it is played with a balance board and I truly think it makes a perfect party game. The idea of using sensors in your game is really cool and I feel there are so many fun ways you could implement the sensor and create different fun ways of playing this game. It's definitely going to be popular for parties. Great job!

It reminds me several games where you play as a hole (such as Donut County and Hole.io) but it's also distinct from any of them. It might be easy to make a "hole game" but you really bring this idea back to life by adding the Adruino control and counting marks by the number of seeds!

I really like using the tilt sensor to control the position in the game; it looks entertaining even I can't have a try. I'm just wondering if you guys can integrate more sensors in the future so the game can be even more fun to play.

Good job guys!! I applaud you for incorporating AR with arduino, which I think is taking on beyond what we learned in class and applying it to further uses. It would be fun to make the fruits have varying sounds, points, and have a mechanism where you can also have your points deducted. : )

This game is awesome!!!